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Keep the cold out! Winter’s on its way.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Keep the cold out! Winter’s on its way.

Now that the evenings are dark and chilly, there are plenty of ways to make your home cosy, secure and energy efficient throughout the winter. From wood burning stoves to draught excluders, whilst it’s cold, wet and windy outdoors, your home can be cosy, warm and inviting after a long day. So here are some tips to get your home ready for winter.

During the winter we rely increasingly on artificial light. Energy efficient, dimmable LED bulbs keep electricity bills low as well as creating a lovely warm glow. Open curtains and blinds during the day, to let the sunshine in to light and heat your home, but draw heavyweight curtains at night to keep the heat in and make your rooms feel cosy.

Keep an extra layer of clothes on even indoors and turn the heating down. Every degree lower on your thermostat can reduce your heating bill by up to 2% and if you’re away for any length of time, set it to 55F, as low as you can go without risking your water pipes freezing. Since heating costs are a large part of most household energy bills, it pays to economise where you can.

There’s nothing quite like a real fire or a wood-burner to warm the heart as well as the room. Once you’ve got the right level of heat, keep it in with good insulation and quality glazing to windows and doors. Draught excluders and thermally lined curtains are easy, inexpensive ways to keep your home cosy. Fairy lights and flickering candles are always soothing, especially if scented with seasonal aromas like cranberry and spruce.

For interior décor this winter look for natural elements and a colour palette that ranges from soft creams through a spectrum of greys to dark slate. Add teal, emerald green, blush pinks and copper for a splash of rich colour and choose ceramics, jute rugs, woven lampshades and velvet cushions and throws to complete the look.

Before wind and rain take their toll, protect your home and prepare it for every eventuality that winter weather can throw at you. Keep drains and gutters free of leaves to avoid damp appearing on walls, and check your roof for damaged tiles - it’s better to have a tile fixed than to incur major roof repairs with years of neglect. You can check your roof from the inside by looking for shafts of daylight in the loft and while you’re there check your loft insulation is up to the task of keeping heating bills low.

Outdoor lighting makes good sense in winter up to the front door. On dark evenings it offers greater security allowing you identify visitors and also provides a warm welcome home for you when you come home at night. So stock up on logs and kindling for the fire, keep the heat in with curtains and draught excluders, add some soft throws to the sofa and cosy up for Winter!

For more information see the November issue of our monthly online magazine, A Touch of Frost. 

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