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commercial valuations

We provide valuation and surveying services for land and buildings - from the corner shop to development sites. All valuations are market-based, onsite inspections. Our qualified chartered surveyors provide valuation and surveying services to ensure your property is priced correctly or, instruct us to carry out a full service valuation to ensure your property is structurally sound.

We provide valuation reports and advice for:

  • Asset valuation: Access rights, building survey reports, party wall matters, dilapidation
  • Litigation or matrimonial proceedings: Formal valuation reports
  • Lease valuation: Dilapidation and schedule of condition
  • Developers and investors valuation: Appraisals, development funding
  • Capital gains
  • Loan security: Mortgage valuation
  • Inheritance tax and probate valuations: Residential and commercial tax and capital gains
  • Expert witness

All valuations are market-based and carefully researched, providing an accurate current value. Contact our commercial team or complete our online valuation form and we will contact you.

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