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EPCs for commercial property

All commercial property that is sold or let must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) commissioned prior to, or within 7 days of being put on the market. There is a further 21 days allowed for the completion and acquisition of the EPC after which time fines can be imposed. The Frost Partnership can arrange your EPC.

What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

  • The EPC assesses the energy performance of a property by reviewing how the building is constructed, insulated, heated, ventilated and the types of fuel used which contribute to its carbon dioxide emissions.
  • The EPC report will grade your property on how energy efficient it is. Grade "A" represents the most energy efficient property to "G" the least energy efficient property.
  • The report also provides advice on how to improve the energy rating of your property and what rating could be achieved if all the recommendations are implemented.
  • EPCs are valid for 10 years.

Do I need an EPC?

  • It is the action of selling, letting or construction that triggers the requirement for an EPC. Therefore existing occupiers and tenants will not require an EPC unless they sell, assign or sublet their interest.
  • There are exemptions. EPCs are not required on sale or rent for buildings due to be demolished. The seller or landlord should be able to demonstrate that:
    • i. The building is to be sold or let with vacant possession
    • ii. The building is suitable for demolition and the resulting site is suitable for redevelopment
    • iii. They believe, on reasonable grounds, that a prospective buyer or tenant intends to demolish the building (e.g. on evidence of an application for planning permission).

Not all transactions will be considered to be a sale or let. These include:

  • Lease renewals or extensions
  • Compulsory purchase orders
  • Sales of shares in a company where buildings remain in company ownership
  • Lease surrenders.

For more information, contact the Frost Commercial team.

How do I arrange an EPC?

  • EPCs must be carried out by a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor.
  • Once instructed The Frost Partnership can organise an EPC on your property, for a fee.

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